New Chicago Chamber Orchestra

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Drawing on over 60 years of tradition as the second oldest professional orchestra in America’s Second City, the New Chicago Chamber Orchestra brings great music to people of Illinois and music lovers around the world. In addition to regular admission-free concerts at the Chicago Cultural Center, the Chicago Chamber Orchestra has performed throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, for radio and television broadcasts and on commercial recordings. 


Cedarhurst Chamber Music Series, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, and Shryock Auditorium, SIU Campus: October 2018 (Music of Bach, Benyas, Haydn, Wienawski and Mozart) ( Soloists: Michael Barta, Sophia Han, James Thompson, John Dee, Jered Montgomery

Beijing, China: November 2015 (Music of Bach, Haydn, Brahms, Joplin)
Soloists: Michael Barta, Eric Lenz, Edward Benyas

European Tour: July 2016 (Music of Bach, Vivaldi, Handel, Brahms, Fauré, Joplin, Morricone)
Differdange, Luxembourg (Diffwinds Festival) (
Santiago de Compostela, Spain (Festival of Santiago)
Soloists: Cynthia Fudala, Edward Benyas, John Warren, Kurt Civilette, Charles Shapera, Edward Benyas

Cedarhurst Chamber Music Series: September 2016 (Music of Bach, Mozart, Dvorak and Copland)
Mt. Vernon, Illinois (
Soloists: Michelle Skinner, Eric Lenz, Abigail Simoneau, Edward Benyas

Chicago Cultural Center: 2016-17
Soloists: Michael Barta, Eric Lenz, Edward Benyas

In residence annually for the Southern Illinois Music Festival ( 2005-Present